Welcome, please get acquainted with the administration and staff of School of statistics and Planning
The school i lead by a team of dedicated people working in a team work based environment and this enables the success and triumph of the goals set herein. Let by Assoc. Prof. Robert Wamala (Ph. D) as the dean, the school has three departments also lead by dedicated people as below:

1) Dept. of Planning and Applied Statistics
2) Dept. of Population Studies.
3) Dept. of Statistical Methods and Actuarial Science

All these combined, enable the students acquire various skills and knowledge that serve the country and region together and helps in proper planning of the country's policies. With the knowledge and equipment acquired here, aides the acquisition of data on which out country and resources are handled well and planned for. This however, is not possible without the selflessness and tireless effort put in by all the team players.